Oxford Virtual College BD is the first virtual college in Bangladesh based entirely on current information, established by a British expert with a clear mission to provide highly affordable, world-class education to aspiring students, employees and employers all over the country. OVC BD allows students to follow its rigorous programs regardless of their physical locations.
OVC BD is a pioneer in using a digital system to impart quality education to its students all over the country, including remote areas, as long as they have a device with internet facilities. With its highly flexible mode of education, OVC BD enables its students to manage studies at their convenience and provides opportunities to harness their untapped talents.

We have tailored a comprehensive website/portal for IGCSE and A-LEVEL courses so that students/parents are worry-free and have all study content whenever and wherever needed. All the content required to prepare the student for the exam is included. The content is text, videos, and interactive quizzes that students complete at the end of each unit. They can do this as many times as they need to until confident enough to move on to the next section. This is called Mastery Learning.

With the increased acceptance of digital solutions for examination and assessment in today’s world, the use of new technologies to support the creation and delivery of exams and assessments is becoming more and more commonplace. Our CPD training courses are in line with the relevant UK legislation and recommended practice, including:

• Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
• Care Quality Commission (CQC)
• Health and Safety Executive (HSE)
• National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE)
• Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF)

Education Is a Lifelong Currency and Gives You a Better Communication Circle and Reveals Your True Talents. Education helps enhance people’s skills and knowledge and helps boost people’s self-confidence. Our CPD training course can help you to start or improve your career. Our Recognised CPD Accredited Courses will help you gain new skills and enhance your CV to submit your portfolio to employers. Employers may prefer and prioritise if you have experience and updated relevant CPD qualifications. Please explore FAQs for more details. If you are prepared to work hard and study conscientiously, our college will provide you with invaluable education, helping you achieve the best results possible with our 100% pass guarantee.

Futurists predict that humanity will change more in 20 years than in human history. AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be one of the major drivers in the journey to 2041. More progress in AI has taken place in the last five years than in the previous 50. Siri on iPhones, Google Assistant on Android phones, and Amazon Alexa are AI assistants helping human beings with daily tasks. That’s why we planned to help Bangladeshi adults, Employees, and Employers so that most adults can become familiar with the virtual learning system.

Employers can proudly introduce to the local and international market that their employees have updated CPD training courses and certification accredited by the British CPD grope. At the same time, the employee can update their CV/profile and pride themself.

We understand to gain a British Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree is a dream come true for many of our Bangladeshi students, so we brought a new digital system where a student can complete university pathway programmes (diploma courses) leading to the final year of Bachelor or Master’s degree from UK University.

Our Diploma Courses level 2 to 8- All diploma qualifications come from UK OFQUAL regulated awarding bodies. https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/ofqual/about

Students complete their Diploma Courses online, and after completing their level 4/5, they can enroll on a UK university for final year to gain a bachelor’s degree. After completing the level 7 PGD, they can enroll for the MBA. We will be able to help them to register to the UK University as long as they full fill all other entry criteria.

Oxford Virtual College BD is a Satellite Campus of Oxford College of Education UK https://oxfordce.co.uk/about_oce.php

We believe our virtual education system will help bring a new revolution to Bangladesh.

Choose your field of study from 2500 taka only

IGCSE from 35,000 taka

A – level from 50,000 taka

IELTS 7 days live class:


To develop the human capital through skill development, advanced education, and research to respond to the knowledge-based society of the contemporary world and provide highly affordable, world-class training and education to aspiring students, employees, and employers all over the country allowing students to follow our rigorous programs regardless of their physical location.


To improve the quality of professional life through need-based education, training, and research with a global perspective.

Core Values:

Integrity: Highest ethical and moral uprightness.
Discipline: Strict discipline in all activities.
Creativity: Creativity in all spheres.
Commitment: High-quality academic standards.
Wisdom: Enhanced education and research.


To develop intellectual and practical expertise.
To provide the best possible academic atmosphere.
To preserve the spirit of national culture, heritage, and traditions.
To facilitate higher education.
To prepare the Faculty and Staff with necessary competencies.
To deliver competent professionals relevant to the demands of society.
To sustain collaborative relationships with communities and educational partners.
To provide efficient services to support programs, community, and quality of life.